There are many quote on quote, truth seeking groups out here whether they be religious or secular, who will tell you  all about Sunday not being the day of the Most High. Which is true indeed, but they leave out the most significant  thing about the "Sunday Law" passed by Constantine, in which that it was actually civil legislation which outlawed  the Biblical luni-solar calendar, that enforced the Julian calendation upon both Christians and Jews. The passing of  "Sunday Law", laid the foundation for Satan's most massive deception of them all, which was to deem Sunday as  the day on which Christ was resurrected, cause doing so would establish Saturday as the Bible's seventh day  Sabbath among the Jews.

Sure all these groups will tell you that Constantine behind the Roman Catholic Church, changed days and times,  but fail to see this was done upon the institution of "Sunday Law", which their primary objective was to use civil  legislation to enact and unite Constantine's empire all under a single calendar. See these groups fail to mention,  that if they changed days and times, then a reformation of the calendar would be needed, thus throwing off Jewish  feast days, which Constantine sought to do away with the odious people rules and regulations and days, to distinct  a clear path without Jewish custom. Understanding that he was a politician and a military strategist, Constantine  issued out six decrees relating to Sunday observance, solely behind political reasons.


1. March 7, 321: A law commanding townspeople, courts and trades to cease from labor on the day of the Sun
2. June, 321: Emancipation and manumission of slaves allowed on the day of the Sun.
3. Christian soldiers allowed to attend Sunday church services.
4. Pagan troops required to recite a prayer while on the drill field on Sunday
5. Sunday declared a market day throughout the entire year.
6. A decree supporting the Council of Nicæa's decision that Christ's resurrection should henceforth be observed on  the day of the Sun (Easter Sunday) rather than commemorating the death of Christ on the actual crucifixion   Passover date of Nisan (Abib) 14.

So now you seeing it wasn't all about creating a religion to soldify his empire, it was about a unified empire under  the same calendar, just as you see many nations today all under the Pagan Gregorian calendar, which is an  extension of the Roman Julian Calendar. Constantine issued a decree in 313 known as the Edict of Milan, which  granted Christians protection under civil law, which this was done to level the playing field between those in  Christianity and Paganism, to give Christians equal rights. Now remind you Constantine was a politician, which  means he didn't allow the Christians to have equal rights as those under Paganism for nothing, remind you he was  seeking to solidify his empire right?

Yes indeed, so his real motives for wanting to have a unified empire, was founded upon his desire for more power,  and what better way than to accomplish this? By giving the Christians protection under civil law as all other religions  had, to gain their trust and confidence in him, so that he could enlist them as soliders, and increase the size of his  army, because up until this point, Christians avodied enlisting. This move won him praises from the Christians in  which they hailed him as "the servant of God" and called him the "blessed prince", as the pagans hailed him as  their Supreme Pontiff, modernly speaking, their Pope. So to secure that which he had solidified, he forced  compromise to be brought about, by way of a calendar reform.

This was a brilliant strategy on his end, because such a reform would confer a special honor upon the festival of the  Christian Church, and it would grant a slight boom to the Pagans themselves, but what is quietly kept is the fact  that the entire edict was written by a pagan. This brought both Christians and Pagans under the worship of the  pagan diety, in which the term Sunday as in "dies Solis", begin to be in use by both Christians and Pagans as it is  still this very day. Making no moves without political reasons, Constantine saw this unification of Sunday as a way  to connect the State and the Church, deeming they both needed each other. So he quickly acted upon this, and  offered peace to the Church, only that the Church would recognize the State and support imperial power, which is  another reason why your preachers have to attend State seminary schools, be licensed by the State to preach, as  upkeeping the agreement made with this act. This is also where the having the Church to require of their ministers,  a marriage license from the State for couples who were seeking to be unified together as one, comes from.

So once the unification of the Christians and Pagans was brought together under one religion, then came the debate  on whether to observe the 14th (The Passover date), and its accompanying days, or abolish them and uphold  Easter. The bishops of Rome, wanted to enhance the observance of Sunday as the Church festival, so they ruled  that the annual celebration should always be held on the Friday (Good Friday), Saturday, and Sunday. This brought  about great disputes, until Constantine intervened in behalf of the Roman bishops, and outlawed the other group. So  the stage was set between Passover verses Easter, which this presented a problem for them. Why, because the  only way to determine when Passover occurs is to use the Bilbical luni-solar calendar, because by observing the  moon can one count to the 14th day following the first visible crescent. The other problem they had, was that the  seventh day Sabbath was also calculated from the first visible crescent, which would mean that a ruling in favor of  Easter being observed on a Julian date, would also affect the seventh day Biblical Sabbath.

This would cause the Christians eyes to be open to realizing they had been deceived by Constantine to become  apart of this State religion, cause they had been keeping the biblical luni-solar Sabbath and Passover, and not  observing the pagan Sunday and Easter. So being the dictator that he was, Constantine used civil legislation to  enforce the pagan Julian calendar, then at the Council of Nicaea it was decreed that Christians were to remain  independent of Jewish biblical calculation, for those under his command would have nothing to do with the Jews in  any way. So the Council of Nicaea accomplished three goals, all of which are still in effect today, such as it  standardize the planetary week of seven days making "dies Solis", the first day of the week, thus re-arranging "dies  Saturni" as the last day of the week, which you see today upon the calendar, Sunday is the first day of the week  and Saturday is the last. Also it accomplished guranteeing that the Passover and Easter would never fall on the  same day, and it accomplished exalting "dies Solis" as the day of worship for both Pagans and Christians.

So this shows you plain and simple, that if your trying to keep the biblical seventh day Sabbath according to the  Gregorian Calendar which is an extension of the Julian Calendar, you have been deceived to worship "dies Saturni",  and if you are keeping Sunday as being the Sabbath, then you also have been deceived to worship "dies Solis". So  what you think about the truth you claim to be in now? Your not smarter than Satan, if you don't have the Spirit of  the Most High, you are still in darkness and no truth dwells there. If you abided in truth, you would know that by  them establishing Easter on the Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox, the Roman Catholic Church  guranteed that it would never fall on the actual Jewish Passover. What they don't tell you is that, during this time,  the Jews were still using the biblical luni solar calendar of creation, intercalating by the barley harvest law of Moses.  Understand that, the seven day weeks of the Biblical lunations cycled differently than the Pagan solar calendar,  Passover, the sixth day of the Biblical week, would fall on different days of the Julian week, just as it does today  with the Gregorian Calendar, which is an extension of the Julian.

So after prayer was said, Constantine was pleased, because now "Easter Sunday", would now be taken as "The  Day of Christ's resurrection", instead of the Jewish biblical Passover, thus offsetting the biblical Sabbath as well to  now appear as Saturday (dies Saturni), upon the Pagan planetary weekly continuous cycle. This is the true  significance of Constantine's "Sunday Law", which was to lay the foundaiton for the mordern assumption that a  continuous weekly cycle has always existed since creation, therefore abolishing the biblical luni solar calendar of  the Most High God of Israel. So now when people would read the bible, they would see:

Genesis 1:5 - First day, Genesis 1:8 - Second day, Genesis 1:13 - Third Day, Genesis 1:19 - Fourth Day Genesis 1:23 - Fifth Day, Genesis 1:31 - Sixth Day, Genesis 2:2 - Seventh Day.

So upon seeing it this way upon the extension of the Julian Calendar which is the Gregorian Calendar, the people  would automatically think seventh day, and never equate it with the biblical luni solar calendar they see upon  Creation in the bible, but would rather for much easier comfort, digest the seventh day according to the weekly cycle  of their present calendar. Which upon this act being instituted, it didn't sit quite well with those who kept the biblical  lunar solar calendar of Creation, so Constantine begin torturing and murdering those who kept the true Sabbath, and  it was made illegal to use the biblical lunar solar calendar. So not only having Christians and Pagans under his  power, he raged war against the Jews, in which the Papal Roman Powers, forbade the Jewish computation of the  calendar, and did not allow the announcement of the feast days to be made. As Graetz stated below:

"The Jewish communities were left in utter doubt concerning the most important religious decisions: as pertaining to  their festivals."

As many still are today in these so called camps and religious circles, which is why they all have different dates  and times as to observe them, failing to realize the layers on the cake of deception are many, especially with they  tying in of the lunar calculation Easter to the vernal equinox, because the Council knew that calculation off of the  equinox was really a pagan method. This deception runs deeply today throughout the so called Hebrew Israelite  movement, because many of them use the calendar of the same people whom they claim are the synagogue of  Satan, as the measure for determining the feast days and so forth. When these same people, adopted a calendar  "fixed" by the vernal equniox themselves, knowing also that the original calendar was set aside under the Roman  persecution which followed Constantine's calendar legislation, knowing the original Sabbath was linked to the  phases of the moon, which they ignorantly observe falsely as a method of deception.

These so called truth seeking groups today, will tell you that the governing body during that time was the Sanhedrin,  but yet are deceived themselves, because they know not that Hillel II, the last President of the Sandhedrin, created  a reformed calendar, tying the New Year to the vernal equinox, and adopted the continuous weekly cycle of the  Julian Calendar. This is how come you see those in religion who observe Saturday as being the Sabbath, the same  way as those professing to be Jews claiming Saturday as being the Sabbath, cause their both victims of the Council  Sunday law agenda.  So by establishing a fixed calendar based on his authority as president of the Sanhedrin, Hillel  II set aside the original calendar and established Saturday as the modern Jewish day of worship, thus "freeing" the  Jews from the condemnation of the law since they did not know when the true Sabbath occurred. And hear you are  every week signing in to skype and pal talk and blog talk radio and traveling to meet up in various places, to observe  the Sabbath, and those in power sitting back laughing at you for the fools they have made you to become.

So not only had they accomplished stripping power from the Christians and Pagans, but they did also with the Jews  and their governing body, the Sanhedrin. The Romans prohibited the practice of declaring the new month by  observation of the new moon, and the new year by the arrival of the spring. In the time of Hillel II during 4th century  A.D., he was therefore forced to institute his fixed calendar, as giving the Sandhedrin's advance approval to the  calendars of all future years. See they will tell you all about the Christians and what happen to them during the 4th  century and under Constantine, but they never tell you this, simply because they don't know it, they are tape  recorders, just repeating what they learned as they quote on quote "woke up". But this is no secret among the Jews  that are in power, for as one name Louis Finkelstein of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America stated below, in  a letter to Dr. L.E. Froom, dated February 20th 1939:

"The present Jewish calendar was fixed in the fourth century."

The Maimonides and most other Jewish chronologers agree that the modern Jewish calendar is based upon the:

"mean motions of the sun and moon, the true calendar having been set aside."

So now you see how the Roman Catholic Church built up their ecclesiastical calendar and its Easter feast, while in  one breath claiming to have departed from the Jewish calculation, to adopt a moveable feast, when in all actuality,  the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish festivals all came to be computed from the same point of time, the  vernal equniox. So was the controversy over the calendars resolved with Constantine's Edict? Certainly not, rather it  paved way for religious persecutions of Christians, by Christians, upon those who were convicted by conscience to  continue observing the Sabbath and Passover by the biblical luni solar calendar, and not give heed to civil  legislation. So what you need to know is that, biblical calendation was supplanted by pagan solar calendation, and  the planetary week replaced the Biblical week which depended upon the moon.

Know that this planetary week was paganism’s counterfeit of the true, Biblical week instituted by the Creator in the  beginning of Earth’s history. In the counterfeit week employed in ancient paganism, "the venerable day of the Sun",  was esteemed by the heathen above the other six days because it was regarded as sacred to the Sun, the chief of  the planetary deities, which the Israelites learned when they were in bondage in Egypt. So just as the true Sabbath  is inseparably linked with the biblical week, so also did the false Sabbath of Pagan origin need a weekly cycle.  When the historical facts of the Julian calendar are understood, it becomes clear that Sunday is not the only  worship day founded upon paganism, because also Saturday, dies Saturni, was the original first day of the pagan  week, which it is also a counterfeit. As the seventh day of the modern week, it is a counterfeit for the true seventh- day Sabbath of the Bible that is based up the biblical lunar solar calendar that was instituted upon creation.

In 321 A.D., Constantine the emperor of Rome, by civil enactments made "the venerable day of the Sun," which day  was then "notable for its veneration," the weekly rest day of the empire. The enforcement of the weekly observance  of Sunday gave official recognition to the week of seven days and resulted in the introduction of it into the official civil  calendar of Rome, which has been passed down to us in this time with the Gregorian Calendar. They know that the  decrees of Nicæa legislated into place an entire counterfeit system of religion with its pagan solar calendar. Patrick  Madrid, a conservative Catholic scholar and apologist, in a radio interview on January 5, 2006, made a point of this  when he stated:

"There was a distinct break between the Old Testament requirements: the rituals and Mosaic covenant demands  dealing with the Sabbath worship and animal sacrifices, and that sort of thing. And they wanted to show that  Christianity was distinct from Judaism. It came from Judaism, but it was distinct from it. In endeavoring to show  this distinction, not only was the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath transferred to the Julian Sunday, but all of  the annual feasts which, up until that time were still observed, were replaced with popular pagan festivals, giving  them a Christian slant and incorporating Christian names."
Also as T. Enright, Bishop of St. Alphonsus Church, clearly states:

"It was the Catholic Church which made the law obliging us to keep Sunday holy. The church made this law long  after the Bible was written. Hence said law is not in the Bible. The Catholic Church abolished not only the Sabbath,  but all the other Jewish festivals."

Understand that by the people not having a complete awareness of the full history behind the modern week, they  have become victims of the Catholic Church writers usuage of planetary week terminology, like with the word  "Saturday". As Patrick Madrid also stated in the radio interview:

"The calendar that we follow, including Seventh-day Adventists, is not only a calendar that was devised by the  Catholic Church, but also it is a calendar that’s based upon the solar year, not the lunar year. And the Jewish  calendar that was observed in the time of Christ follows a lunar calendar, which is several days short of the solar  year. So the great irony is that even the Seventh-day Adventists themselves are not worshipping on exactly the  same Sabbath day as the Jews of the time of Christ."

Try 11 days shorter, and this is knowledge the Catholic scholars in high position are fully aware of, they know the  word "Saturday" is supplied in modern translations, and that the original word used in both the Greek and the Latin  was actually "Sabbath". They know that the Latin version clearly does not contain any reference to dies Saturni  (Saturday), but instead uses Sabbato, or "Sabbath". As Roman Catholic bishop, Karl Josef von Hefele (1809-1893),  states:

"Christians at the time of the calendar change were not confused over Saturday being the Sabbath. Everyone knew  that dies Saturni had recently been moved from the first day of the pagan week to the last day of the pagan week,  while Sabbato was the seventh day of the Jewish luni-solar calendar with which no one in power wished to be  associated. Again, these were two different days on two distinct calendar systems."

An ancient proverb once stated: "He who controls the calendar, controls the world." The day on which you worship,  calculated by which calendar you use, reveals which God/god you are worshipping, so the questions to ask yourself  is, who controls you, and whom do you worship? Shalom